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Physics Weekly Schedule 2010-11

Page history last edited by Anonymous 12 years, 11 months ago


6 - 10 June


"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability."

-Sam Keen


"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want."

-Calvin (Bill Watterson)


“A perfect day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawnmower is broken.”

-James Dent


Monday, 6th

-3rd Hour: 2012 Presentations

-5th Hour: Potato Gun Data presentation


Tuesday, 7th

-Egg Drop Contest: Building the devices


Wednesday, 8th

-Egg Drop Contest: Dropping the devices


Thursday, 9th



Friday, 10th



30 May - 3 June


"Experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson."

-Vern Law


Monday, 30th (NO SCHOOL!)


Tuesday, 31st

-choices for final project (physics mistakes, potato guns, debate)


Wednesday, 1st

-class time for final project


Thursday, 2nd

-class time for final project

Friday, 3rd

-3rd hour: 2012 presentations



23 - 27 May


"In physics, you don't have to go around making trouble for yourself - nature does it for you."

-Frank Wilczek


Monday, 23rd

-Review for 2nd Semester Final part 1

-chapters 34-37, 15


Tuesday, 24th

-Review for 2nd Semester Final part 2

-chapters 25-30


Wednesday, 25th

-2nd Semester FINAL EXAM part 1


Thursday, 26th

-2nd Semester FINAL EXAM part 2


Friday, 27th

-LN2 activities



16 - 20 May


“There are sadistic scientists who hurry to hunt down errors instead of establishing the truth.”

-Marie Curie


Class is in the Career Center on Mon, Tues & Wed


Monday, 16th

-GIZMO: Rayrtacing for Lenses


Tuesday, 17th (sub-no notes)

-Valleyfair Physics Day


Wednesday, 18th

-raytracing diagrams


Thursday, 19th

-LAB: Finding focal length of a lens


Friday, 20th

-Quest: Refraction and Lenses (bits of Chaps 29 & 30)

-3" x 5" card and your own calculator



9 - 13 May


“Twinkle, twinkle little star

I don’t wonder what you are

For by the spectroscopic ken

I know you are hydrogen.”

-Lewis Fry Richardson


Monday, 9th



Tuesday, 10th

-Lecture: How do Prisms Work? (reFRACtion)

-HW: Read 29.6-29.8 Q#12,16,17,28-30


Wednesday, 11th

-LAB: Refraction of light in Water and Oil


Thursday, 12th

-Lecture: How do Lenses Work?

-HW: Read 30.1-30.4 Q#1-6


Friday, 13th

-Valleyfair prep



2 - 6 May


"It's not easy being green."

-Kermit the Frog


Monday, 2nd

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ: Light


Tuesday, 3rd

-Lecture: Orange isn't a real color

-mini-Lab: Colored Shadows

-HW: Read 28.1-28.7, 28.11 Q#2,5,6,8,9,12,14,15,22-24,32 


Wednesday, 4th

-mini-Lab: Spectroscopic Ken


Thursday, 5th

-HW check @ bell

-Review for Test tomorrow


Friday, 6th

-TEST: Light & Color (Chapters 27&28)



25 - 29 April


"The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself."

-Bertrand Russell


Monday, 25th

-HW check @ bell

-lecture: "What can we see through glass, but not cinder blocks?"

-packet time (due Tuesday)

-HW: Read 27.4 - 27.8 Q#10,12,13,16-18,20-23,46,47 (due Monday)


Tuesday, 26th

-lecture: "How do we know that light is a transverse wave?" (polarization)

-packet time (due today)


Wednesday, 27th

-GIZMO: Penumbra Effect


Thursday, 28th

-GIZMO: Additive Color


Friday, 29th

-GIZMO: Subtractive Color



18 - 22 April


"A physicist is an atom's way of knowing about atoms."

-George Wald


Monday, 18th

-Review for Test tomorrow


Tuesday, 19th

-TEST: Waves & Sound (Chapters 25 & 26)

-3" x 5" notecard, your own calculator (no cell phones no sharing), pen/pencil


Wednesday, 20th

-Lecture: What is light? How do we know? (worksheet passed out, CD 27-1)

-Video: "The Secret Life of the Electric Light"

-HW: Read 27.1-27.3 Q#1,5,7,57-59


Thursday, 21st

-classwork: Worksheet 27-1 (due at end of class)


Friday, 22nd



11 - 15 April


"I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons."

-Douglas Adams


Monday, 11th

-LAB: Tones, Vowels and Cell Phones (yes...cell phones :)


Tuesday, 12th

-MCAs in the morning

-no class for 3rd hour, 5th hour will continue lab


Wednesday, 13th

-MCAs in the morning

-no class for 3rd hour, 5th hour will continue lab


Thursday, 14th

-continue LAB


Friday, 15th

-GIZMO "Hearing: Frequency and Volume"

-test your own hearing!



4 - 8 April


"We do not see the lens through which we look."

-Ruth Benedict


Monday, 4th

-HW check @ bell

-VF permission form and $$ due today, no exceptions

-QUIZ (Waves)


Tuesday, 5th

-lecture: Someone please make motorcycle sounds

-register for a GIZMO account

-GIZMO: Doppler Effect

-HW: read 25.9 Q#15,16,21,45,47,49


Wednesday, 6th

-finish GIZMO: Doppler Effect

-HW: Read 26.1 - 26.4, Qs #1,5,7,8,24,27


Thursday, 7th

-HW check @ bell

-Lecture: "What really is sound, and why isn't its speed constant, like light?"

-classwork: worksheet packet


Friday, 8th

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ (Doppler effect and sound basics)

-classwork: finish packet (due at end of hour)



28 March - 1 April


"A little Madness in the Spring

Is wholesome even for the King"

-Emily Dickinson


Monday, 28th

-lecture: Intro to Waves

-classwork: CD 25-1 (due Wed at end of class)

-HW: read 25.1-25.4 Q#2,6,7,8,34,38


Tuesday, 29th

-lecture: Can two waves occupy the same space at the same time?

-classwork: CD 25-3 (due tomorrow @ end of class)


Wednesday, 30th

-HW check @ bell

-mini-LAB: Rubens' Tube

-classwork: finish CD 25-3 (due @ end of class)

-HW: read 25.5-25.8 Q#11-14,22,23 (due Monday)


Thursday, 31st

-Virtual Lab: Waves (What are the characteristics of waves?)

-desktop icon, not in the handouts folder


Friday, 1st

-Virtual Lab: TBD

-in handouts folder



21 - 25 March





14 - 18 March


"Washington is the only place where sound travels faster than light."

-C.V.R. Thompson


Monday, 14th

-AAPT Photo Contest

-two "rough draft" photos with descriptions due tomorrow


Tuesday, 15th

-photo contest continued

-two "rough draft" photos with descriptions due today


Wednesday, 16th

-photo contest continued


Thursday, 17th

-photo contest continued

-final picture with description due today


Friday, 18th

-Photo Contest judging



7 - 11 March


"Magnetism is one of the Six Fundamental Forces of the Universe, with the other five being Gravity, Duct Tape, Whining, Remote Control, and the Force That Pulls Dogs To The Groins Of Strangers."

-Dave Barry


Monday, 7th

-Video: The Elegant Universe

-Chap 15 packets passed out (due Friday)

-HW: Read 15.1 - 15.3 Q#1,4,5,6,16,21


Tuesday, 8th

-Lecture: Wave your hand, and it's now younger than the rest of you...


Wednesday, 9th

-HW check @ bell

-Packet time and a Blast from the Past courtesy of Paul Hewitt, hippie physics teacher (that's a

-HW: Read 15.4 - 15.6 Q#8,9,13,14,35,36


Thursday, 10th

-Lecture: The Twin Paradox


Friday, 11th

-HW check @ bell

-LAB: Special Relativity

-packet time (due today)



28 February  - 4 March


"Nnoooo...not the magnet!"



Monday, 28th

-registration for next year's classes

-lecture: What a Danish high school teacher figured out

-HW: Read 37.1 - 37.2 Q#1-5,21


Tuesday, 1st

-brief lecture: How to turn electricity into motion, and vice versa

-LAB: building an electric motor (finish tomorrow)

-HW: Read 37.3 - 37.4 Q#6-10,24


Wednesday, 2nd

-HW check @ bell

-LAB: finish building motor


Thursday, 3rd

-HW check @ bell

-review for TEST


Friday, 4th

-TEST: Chapters 36 & 37



21 - 25 February


"Edison failed 10, 000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times."

-Napoleon Hill


Monday, 21st



Tuesday, 22nd

-packet time


Wednesday, 23rd

-HW check @ bell

-Video: "The Day the Universe Changed"/"Einstein Revealed"

-HW: Read 36.4-.5 Q#6-11


Thursday, 24th

-LAB: Complex Magnetic Fields


Friday, 25th

-HW check @ bell




14 - 18 February


"There are three kinds of men. The one who learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence by themselves."

-Will Rogers


Monday, 14th

-Review for Test


Tuesday, 15th

-morning review @ 0730

-TEST: Circuits (Chapters 34 & 35)


Wednesday, 16th

-Video: Magnetic Storm!


Thursday, 17th

(-Course Fair today during 1st & 2nd hours)

-lecture: Magnets

-HW: Read 36.1-36.3 Q#1-5,23


Friday, 18th

-NO SCHOOL (Parent-Teacher conferences 8:00 am - 4:00 pm)


7 - 11 February


"Physics is hard."

-Sean Lund


Monday, 7th

-finish virtual Ohm's Law lab

-lecture: "But what if there's more than one resistor??" (parallel and series circuits)

-Chapter 35 packets passed out

-HW: Read 35.1-35.3 Q#1,3,4,5,25,28


Tuesday, 8th

-LAB: Series & Parallel Circuits


Wednesday, 9th

-HW check @ bell

-LAB cont'd

-HW: Read 35.4-35.5 Q#6-8,32-34


Thursday, 10th

-Design LAB: Make a 3-way switch


Friday, 11th

-HW check @ bell

-brief lecture: Wrapping it all up (Series and Parallel)

-brainteaser Lab: How many wires do you need to light a bulb?

-packet time (due today)



31 January - 4 February


"If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron."

-Lee Trevino


Monday, 31st

-Virtual LAB: Ohm's Law


Tuesday, 1st

-lecture: "When is a law not a law? When it's Ohm's" and intro to power supply


Wednesday, 2nd

-HW check @ bell

-lecture: "Power corrupts, absolute power..."

-HW: Read 34.6-.11 Q#18,19,21,37,68,75


Thursday, 3rd

-Virtual LAB: Household Electrical Use


Friday, 4th

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ: Ohm's Law

-packet time



24 - 28 January


"And now for something completely different..."

-Monty Python


Monday, 24th



Tuesday, 25th

-Video: "Lightning!" (probably humanity's first experience w/ electricity)


Wednesday, 26th

-lecture: "Electrical safety for n00bs" and intro to voltmeters

-chapter 34 packets passed out (due Tuesday)

-HW: Read 34.1-34.3 Q#3,4,7,8,9,39


Thursday, 27th

-lecture: "Intro to electrical equipment: batteries, power supplies, digital multimeter"


Friday, 28th

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ: Electrical Safety and Intro to Electricity

-packet time afterwards



17 - 21 January


"Well begun is half done"



Monday, 17th



Tuesday, 18th

-Review for 1st part part of 1st Semester Final (Chapters 2-6)


Wednesday, 19th

-Review for 2nd part part of 1st Semester Final (Chapters 7-10,13)


Thursday, 20th

-1st SEMESTER FINAL: Part 1 (Chapters 2-6)

-8.5" x 11" sheet front&back

-your own calculator (no cell phones, no sharing)


Friday, 21st

-1st SEMESTER FINAL: Part 2 (Chapters 7-10,13)

-8.5" x 11" sheet front&back

-your own calculator (no cell phones, no sharing)



10 - 14 January


"I can calculate the motions of the heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."

-Isaac Newton


Monday, 10th

-guided packet time (due Wednesday)

-LAB: Toy Aircraft String Tension

-HW: ReRead 10.1 - 10.4 Q#23-26,42,45


Tuesday, 11th

-HW check @ bell

-finish LAB: Toy Aircraft String Tension


Wednesday, 12th

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ: Circular Motion

-packet time (due today)


Thursday, 13th

-review for Test


Friday, 14th

-TEST: Gravity and Circular Motion (chapters 10 & 13)

-3" x 5" card, your own calculator



3 - 7 January


"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man."

-Benjamin Franklin


Monday, 3rd

-lecture: "Gravity with a big G!"

-chapter 13 packets passed out (due Thursday)

-HW: Read 13.1-13.5 Q#1,2,8,10,11,21


Tuesday, 4th

-lecture: "What are black holes really? Was Newton wrong about gravity?"

-HW: Read 13.10-13.11 Q#18-20,42,48,50


Wednesday, 5th

-Video: "Black Holes: The Ultimate Abyss"


Thursday, 6th

-QUIZ, then packet time (due today)


Friday, 7th

-lecture: "Centrifugal is a four-letter word!"

-chapter 10 packets passes out (due next Wednesday)

-HW: Read 10.1-10.4 Q#2,3,8,9,20,21



13 - 17 December


"I like physics. I think it is the best science out of all three of them, because generally it's more useful. You learn about speed and velocity and time, and that's all clever stuff."

-Tom Felton


Monday, 13th



Tuesday, 14th



Wednesday, 15th

-review for Test


Thursday, 16th

-morning review @ 0730

-Test on Chapters  8 & 9 (Energy and Momentum)


Friday, 17th

-lecture: 'Centrifugal' is a four-letter word!

-Read 10.1-10.4 Q#1,6,8-11 (due Tuesday when we get back)



6 - 10 December


"You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

-Albert Einstein


Monday, 6th

-review of Work and Power

-chap 9 packet passed out (due Friday)

-mini-LAB: How many horses are you worth?

-HW: Read 9.1-9.2 Q#1,2,33,34,36,37


Tuesday, 7th

-lecture: What does work get you?


Wednesday, 8th

-Video: NOVA: Car Crash!

-Read 9.3-9.5 Q#8,9,26,27,39,40


Thursday, 9th

-Virtual LAB: NRG SK8R (KE and GPE)


Friday, 10th

-packet time (due today)



29 November - 3 December


"The world is wide, and I  will not waste my life in friction, when it could be turned into momentum."

-Frances Willard


Monday, 29th

-HW check at bell

-LAB: Crash test video analysis


Tuesday, 30th

-lecture: It's a fish-eat-fish world

-packet time (due tomorrow)

-HW: Read 8.5-8.6 Q#12-15,34,47


Wednesday, 1st

-Video: History of Vehicle Safety (notice what they used as crash test dummies...)

-HW: Read 8.5-8.6 (again) Q#17-19,63-65


Thursday, 2nd

-HW check @ bell

-lecture: Work, a curse or part of the plan? (chap 9 packets passed out)

-LAB design: find out how much horsepower you have


Friday, 3rd

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ: impulse and momentum

-packet time



22 - 26 November


"I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours."

-Jerome K. Jerome


Monday, 22nd

-lecture: A piece of sand going 30,000 m/s or a bus going 10 m/s? and Which hurts more -the happy ball or the emo ball?

-need 4 volunteers for the annual egg toss competition (who will clean up their own mess)

-classwork: packet 8 "Momentum" (due next Wednesday)

-HW: Read 8.1-8.4 Q#9,20,25,26,55,56 (due tomorrow)


Tuesday, 23rd

-HW check @ bell

-need 4 volunteers for the annual egg toss competition (who will clean up their own mess)

-lecture: "Save Our Momentum!"


Wednesday, 24th



Thursday, 25th


-Happy T-day!


Friday, 26th


-Good luck at Best Buy!



15 - 19 November


"Normal is what everyone else is that you are not."

-Dr. Tolian Soran (ST: Generations)


Monday, 15th

-lecture: Completing the Trilogy: Sir Isaac's 3rd Law of "Motion" (and a cautionary tale from Mr. Grul's dark past)

-chapter 7 packet handed out (due Wednesday)

-HW: Read 7.1-7.4 Q#1,3,6,8-10


Tuesday, 16th

-Lab: Newton's Third Law

-HW: Read 7.5-7.7 Q#15-17,20,40,45


Wednesday, 17th

-lecture: Putting the cart before the horse? (and why Grul isn't an art teacher)

-class time for packet (due today)


Thursday, 18th

-morning review at 7:30 am

-Review for Test


Friday, 19th

-TEST: Chapters 6 & 7

-3" x 5" card

-your own calculator (no sharing, no cellphones, iPods, etc.)



8 - 12 November


"But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special."

-Stephen Hawking


Monday, 8th

-lecture: Remember the skydivers?

-HW: Read 6.5-6.7 Q#14,15,16,18,20,23


Tuesday, 9th

-Lab: Find the Mystery Mass!


Wednesday, 10th

-HW check @ bell

-QUIZ: Newton's 2nd Law

-packet time (due today)


Thursday, 11th

-Lab from Tuesday cont'd (due today)

-begin Lab: Terminal Velocity


Friday, 12th

-Terminal Velocity lab cont'd (due today)



1 - 5 November


"You don't use science to show that you're right, you use science to become right."

-Randall Munroe


Monday, 1st

-Lecture: So, what happens to things that break Newton's 1st Law of Motion?

-chapter 6 packets passed out (due next Wednesday)

-HW:  Read 6.1-6.4 Q#4,6,26,27,29,30


Tuesday, 2nd

-Virtual Lab: Newton's 2nd Law


Wednesday, 3rd

-HW check @ bell

-packet time


Thursday, 4th


-Parent-Teacher conferences: Noon - 8pm in classrooms


Friday, 5th




25 - 29 October


"The product of the human brain has escaped the control of human hands. This is the comedy of Science."

-Karel Capek (co-inventor of the word 'robot')


Monday, 25th

-continue Alter phase


Tuesday, 26th

-finish Alter phase

-begin Prove phase (final experiment for the IP lab report)

-last day to retake chap 4 & 5 test


Wednesday, 27th

-finish Prove phase

-begin writing lab report

-last day to submit rewritten 'measuring g' lab report


Thursday, 28th

-finish writing lab report


Friday, 29th


-IP lab report due


18 - 22 October


"Science progresses best when observations force us to alter our preconceptions."

-Vera Rubin


The last day to retake the test is next Tuesday, 26 Oct


Monday, 18th

-begin the "Interactive Physics" project (~6 days, final product is a lab report)

-begin Build phase


Tuesday, 19th

-finish Build phase

-begin Measure phase


Wednesday, 20th

-finish Measure phase

-begin Alter phase


Thursday, 21st



Friday, 22nd




11 - 15 October


Monday, 11th

-lecture on 5.4 to 5.6

-HW: Read 5.4-5.6 Q#7,8,10,13-15


Tuesday, 12th

-Lab: Video Analysis of Projectile Motion (no lab report)

-HW: chap5 Q#35-38,42,44


Wednesday, 13th

-finish lab (due today)

-finish packet (due today)


Thursday, 14th

-Review for Test


Friday, 15th

-TEST: Chapters 4 & 5

-3" x 5" card, your own calculator


"The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life."

-Ernest Renan



4 - 8 October


Monday, 4th

-Lab: Measuring g Part II

-we'll write our first lab report for this lab


Tuesday, 5th

-class time for lab report

-Congrats to Geim & Novoselov for winning the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics! (they played w/ scotch tape and pencil lead, seriously)


Wednesday, 6th

-class time for lab report


Thursday, 7th

-lecture on 5.1-5.3

-chap 5 packets handed out (due next Wed., 13 Oct)

-HW: Read 5.1-5.3 Q#4,5,18-21


Friday, 8th

-Bowman Tournament


"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."




27 September - 1 October


Monday, 27th

-finish up Motion Detector lab

-lecture: "Everything is relative", at least with respect to motion

-HW: Read 4.1-4.4  Q#6,9,20,21,31,36


Tuesday, 28th

-Virtual Lab: Moving Man (in Hand Outs folder)


Wednesday, 29th

-lecture: "Tom Petty physics", aka dropping stuff

-HW: Read 4.5-4.9 Q#11,12,14,15,19,22


Thursday, 30th

-Lab: Measuring g


Friday, 1st


-packet time (due today)



"Not only is the Universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

-Sir Arthur Eddington



20 - 24 September


The Extra Credit lecture is Tuesday night @ 7pm @ the U (see poster in classroom for details). Attend, check in with me, and write a 250-word, 5-paragraph essay summarizing the lecture for a free quiz.


Monday, 20th

-a few brainteasers

-take chapter 2 & 3 self-assessments

-some more practice with unit conversions


Tuesday, 21st

-Review for Test


Wednesday, 22nd

-TEST on Chapters 2 & 3

-bring your calculator (no cell phones, no sharing), writing utensil, and cheatsheet (3" x 5" card, front & back), that's all


Thursday, 23rd

-8 steps to a great graph (and how not to be fooled by bad people who want your $$)

-begin graphing assignment (using Road & Track data)


Friday, 24th

-finish up graphing assignment

-Lab: Intro to Motion Detector


"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave."

-Baron Henry Peter Brougham



13 - 17 September


Monday, 13th

-what did Aristotle believe about Physics? how about Copernicus and Galileo?

-intro to Vernier sensors

-HW: Read 3.1-3.3 Q#1,2,5,8,28,29


Tuesday, 14th

-Virtual Lab: Phet Forces in 1-D


Wednesday, 15th

-intro to Sir Isaac

-what is mass? what isn't it? (we actually don't know what it really is, but might w/in a few years!)

-how do we know the earth is moving?

-HW: Read 3.4-3.6 Q#9,15,19,21,22,26


Thursday, 16th

-Virtual Lab from Tuesday continued

-packet time


Friday, 17th

-QUIZ on 3.1-3.4

-packet due today


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

-Albert Einstein



6 - 10 September


Monday, 6th


-Labor Day 


Tuesday, 7th 

-taking a research test for 30 minutes

-Lecture: "To point or not to point and learning some Greek"

-HW: Read 2.1 - 2.4 Qs# 1,4,6,8,9,25 (due Thursday)


Wednesday, 8th 

-Lecture: "What everyone else is that your are not" (the "normal" force, dynamic equilibrium, adding vectors)

-HW: Read 2.5 Qs# 12,14,16,21,22,28 (due Friday)


Thursday, 9th

-ACT science question practice


Friday, 10th

-QUIZ on 2.1 - 2.4 (closed notes, formulas given)

-packet time afterwards (due today)


"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

-Mario Andretti




30 August - 3 September


Welcome back!


Monday, 30th

-go over syllabus and safety

-start on Student Profile and "Is it a Theory?" packet


Tuesday, 31st

-check out textbooks (bring your student ID)

-register for online textbook

-DUE: Student Profile and "Is it a Theory?" packet


Wednesday, 1st

-evaluating scientific arguments

-Video: "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?"

-HW: Read Chap 1, Qs 1-14


Thursday, 2nd

-evaluating scientific arguments continued

-Video: "Mythbusters: Moon Myths"


Friday, 3rd

-HW check @ bell

-making your own scientific argument using a "Claim-Evidence-Reasoning" form (CER)

-DUE: both video sheets, and CER form


"In Science, there is only Physics, all the rest is stamp collecting."

-Ernest Rutherford (who, btw, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry)


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