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AP Physics B: 5th and 6th Hours

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Here's the syllabus, the online textbook/MasteringPhysics, the online video lessons, and the official AP Physics B website

(the equation sheets are pp. 56-58 of the "Course Description" which you can download from the AP website)


What score on the AP exam do I need to get credit at the U? Find out here.

How much $$ will passing the AP Exam save me? Find out here.


31 May - 4 June 2010


One week left!


Monday, 31st



Tuesday, 1st

-classwork: getting data and/or working on lab report


Wednesday, 2nd

-Potato gun lab report due


Thursday, 3rd

-no school for seniors

-egg drop contest


Friday, 4th

-no school for seniors

-egg drop contest



"Experience is the worst teacher; it gives the test before presenting the lesson."

-Vernon Law



24 - 28 May 2010


Two weeks left, keep steady!


Monday, 24th

-Video: "A Brief History of Time"


Tuesday, 25th

-Video cont'd


Wednesday, 26th

-Lab: Optimizing Potato Cannon Design

-Lab report due Wed, 2 June


Thursday, 27th

-Lab cont'd


Friday, 28th

-Lab cont'd



"We do not see the lens through which we look."

-Ruth Benedict



17 - 21 May 2010


Three more weeks, stay strong!


Monday, 17th

-Quiz: open book on chapters 4-5 of ABHOT

-read & discuss chapters 6-7 (Curved Space & The Expanding Universe)


Tuesday, 18th


-or Video: Elegant Universe


Wednesday, 19th

-read & discuss chapters 8-9 (The Big Bang, Black Holes, and Evolution of the Universe & Quantum Gravity)


Thursday, 20th


-read & discuss chapters 10-11 (Wormholes and Time Travel & The Forces of Nature and the Unification of Physics)


Friday, 21st

-read & discuss chapter 12 (Conclusion)


"But we can understand the Universe. That makes us something very special."

-Stephen Hawking



10 – 14 May 2010


Monday, 10th

-NO SCHOOL (lucky you, we have mtgs in the morning)

-AP Physics B Test at noon today


Tuesday, 11th

-Video: “I, Robot” (find mistakes in the special effects)


Wednesday, 12th

-Video: “I, Robot” (find mistakes in the special effects)


Thursday, 13th

-Reading and Discussion: “A Briefer History of Time” by Stephen Hawking


Friday, 14th

-Reading and Discussion: “A Briefer History of Time” by Stephen Hawking

-Classwork: Read up to chapter 3 and answer the 6 Qs (see notes for today)

-HW: Read chapters 4 & 5 (open book quiz on Monday) 


“Twinkle, twinkle little star

I don’t wonder what you are

For by the spectroscopic ken

I know you are hydrogen.”

-Lewis Fry Richardson



3 - 7 May 2010


Monday, 3rd

-MC packet due at beginning of class

-we'll go over the FR packet

-HW: MC practice packet #2 (due Wednesday)


Tuesday, 4th

-Practice Test part 1/3


Wednesday, 5th

-Practice Test part 2/3

-HW: FR practice packet #2 (due Friday)


Thursday, 6th

-Practice Test part 3/3


Friday, 7th



"It's not easy being green."

-Kermit the Frog



26 - 30 April 2010



Monday, 26th

-buttoning up Fluids&Thermo (going over AP practice problems)

-AP Test Review


Tuesday, 27th

-AP Test Review


Wednesday, 28th

-AP Test Review


Thursday, 29th

-AP Test Review


Friday, 30th

-AP Test Review



"Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

-Dylan Thomas



19 – 23 April 2010


Monday, 19th

-HW Quiz

-lecture: Carnot cycle

-mini-Lab: finish P-V diagram

-HW: Read 18-5 to 18-6, MP 18 #2 (due Wednesday midnight)


Tuesday, 20th

-review of yesterday’s HW Quiz

-classtime for MP


Wednesday, 21st

-AP Practice problems


Thursday, 22nd

-Review for Test tomorrow


Friday, 23rd

-Test: parts of chapters 15, 17, 18

-bring your own calculator and pen/pencil (AP Eq’n and info sheets provided)



“The Three Laws of Thermodynamics: 1. You can’t win. 2. You can’t break even. 3. You can’t stop playing.”




12 - 16 April 2010


Valleyfair $$ and permission slips are due this Friday (no exceptions, no extensions). Tuesday's and Wednesday's schedules are messed up because of MCA testing. You'll only have periods 4,5,6 on Tuesday and only 1,2,3 on Wednesday.


Monday, 12th

-HW Quiz

-Lecture: Kinetic Theory of Gases

-online lesson 28

-HW: Read 17-1 to 17-2, MP 17 (due Wednesday midnight)


Tuesday, 13th

-Lecture: Kinetic Theory continued

-mini-Lab: Gas Properties (PhET)


Wednesday, 14th



Thursday, 15th

-HW Quiz

-Lecture: Laws of Thermodynamics

-online lesson 29

-HW: Read 18-1 to 18-3, MP 18 #1 (due Sunday midnight)


Friday, 16th

-Valleyfair $$ and permission slips due today, no exceptions, no extensions

-Lecture: Thermodynamics continued

-mini-Lab: Gas Properties (PhET) continued



"I'm spending a year dead for tax reasons."

-Douglas Adams



5 - 9 April 2010


One more quarter left! "Keep your head down and power through."


Monday, 5th

-lecture: "Under Pressure!" (density, pressure and static equilibrium for fluids)

-online lesson 21

-HW: read 15-1 to 15-5, MP 15#1 (due Wednesday midnight)


Tuesday, 6th

-GIZMO: Archimedes Principle


Wednesday, 7th

-lecture: "Eureka!" (buoyancy)

-online lesson 22

-classtime for MP


Thursday, 8th

-HW Quiz

-lecture: "Transponder schmonder, you want real kick, you go Bernoulli." (continuity and Bernoulli's principle)

-online lessons 23 and 24

-HW: read 15-6 to 15-8, MP#2 (due Sunday midnight)


Friday, 9th

-lecture: (cont'd from yesterday)

-mini-LAB: Wind Tunnel


"Washington is the only place where sound travels faster than light."

-C.V.R. Thompson



29 March - 2 April 2010





22 - 26 March 2010


It's the last week of 3rd Quarter! Finish well and then enjoy Spring Break.


Monday, 22nd

-HW Quiz

-lecture: The most famous physics equation of all

-online lesson 55

-HW: Read 32-4 to 32-5, MP 32 #2 (due Tuesday midnight)


Tuesday, 23rd

-AP Practice problems (MC and FR)


Wednesday, 24th

-Review for TEST


Thursday, 25th

-last day of 3rd Quarter!

-TEST (portions of Chapters 30-32)

-no note card :(

-AP Equation and Information sheets will be provided


Friday, 26th




"A little madness in the Spring

Is wholesome even for the King"

-Emily Dickinson



15 - 19 March 2010


There are two weeks left in the quarter, and then Spring Break! You have one week to make up your tardies (see right-side bulletin board for how) and remember the Extra Credit for 3rd quarter (see the Front page of this website).


Monday, 15th

-HW Quiz

-lecture: The flashy neon lights of the big city

-online lesson 52

-HW: Read 31-1 to 31-3, MP 31 (due Wednesday midnight)


Tuesday, 16th

-GIZMO: Bohr Model: Introduction (not a Percy version)


Wednesday, 17th

-mini-LAB: graphing the photoelectric effect (using an RCL)

-classtime for MP


Thursday, 18th

-HW Quiz

-lecture: The Rise and Fall of the Nucleus

-online lesson 54 (neutrinos and half-life are interesting, but not part of the AP B curriuculum, also skip section 5)

-HW: Read 32-1 to 32-2, MP 32 #1 (due Sunday midnight)


Friday, 19th

-GIZMO: Nuclear Decay (also not a Percy version)


"Magnetism is one of the Six Fundamental Forces in the Universe, with the other five being Gravity, Duct Tape, Whining, Remote Control and The Force That Pulls Dogs Towards the Groins of Strangers."

-Dave Barry



8 - 12 March 2010


There are three weeks left in the quarter, and then Spring Break! You have two weeks to make up your tardies (see right-side bulletin board for how) and remember the Extra Credit for 3rd quarter (see the Front page of this website).


Monday, 8th

-lecture: "For what did Einstein get the Nobel Prize?"

-online lesson 51

-HW: Read 30-1 & 30-2,  MP 30 #1 (due Wed midnight)


Tuesday, 9th

-GIZMO: Photoelectric effect


Wednesday, 10th

-classwork: MP


Thursday, 11th

-HW Quiz

-lecture: "If light can act both as a particle and a wave, what about other stuff?"

-online lesson 53

-HW: Read 30-3 to 30-5, MP 30 #2 (due Sunday midnight)


Friday, 12th

-Remotely-Controlled LAB: Electron Diffraction

-classwork: MP



"A physicist is an atom's way of knowing about atoms."

-George Wald



1 - 5 March 2010


Monday, 1st

-HW Quiz

-mini-LAB: Electromagnetic Induction

-HW: Read 23-1 to 23-5 (skip -6 to -10), MP 23


Tuesday, 2nd

-lecture: So current causes B-fields...what about the other way around?

-online lesson 41  (skip section 4)


Wednesday, 3rd

-class time for MP


Thursday, 4th

-review for Test


Friday, 5th

-TEST: chapters 21, 22, 23 (not take home)

-20 M.C, 2 F.R (like last time)

-M.C. graded like real AP test (-1/4 pt for each wrong answer)



"Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times."

-Napoleon Hill



22 - 26 February 2010


We have a short week again; there's no school Friday (enjoy it, we have silly mtgs all day). Parent/Teacher conferences are this Wednesday evening (3:45 - 7:30pm). Check out the extra credit for 3rd Qtr on the FrontPage.


Monday, 22nd

-work on MP


Tuesday, 23rd

-AP practice problems (free response & multiple choice)


Wednesday, 24th

-Parent/Teacher conferences this evening (3:45 - 7:30pm, 10 pts E.C. if you come with your parent/guardian)

-HW Quiz

-lecture: Nnooooo! not the magnet!

-online lesson 38 and online lesson 39 (skip the problems at the end, work on MP problems instead)

-HW: Read 22-1 to 22-4, 22-6 (skip -5,-7.-8), MP 22


Thursday, 25th

-lecture: More right hand rules

-online lesson 40 (skip the problem at the end)

-work on MP


Friday, 26th




"You don't use science to show that you're right, you use science to become right."

-Randall Munroe



15 - 19 February 2010


Hope you enjoyed the day off; the weather was pretty darn good for February in Minnesota.


Monday, 15th



Tuesday, 16th

-lecture: Now for something for more concrete -electric current

-online lesson 35 (skip section 5)

-HW:  Read 21-1 to 21-3 MP 21 #1


Wednesday, 17th

-classtime for MP


Thursday, 18th

-HW Quiz

-GIZMO: Circuits (Percy version)


Friday, 19th

-lecture: How to deal with more than one resistor in a circuit, and capacitors again

-online lesson 36 (skip section 6) and online lesson 37 (skip sections 2 and 3)

-HW: Read 21-4 and 21-6 (skip 21-5, 21-7, 21-8) MP 21 #2


"Benjamin Franklin may have discovered electricity, but it was the man who invented the meter who made the money."

-Earl Wilson


8 - 12 February 2010


Monday, 8th

-lecture: Batteries aren't the only thing that stores electric energy

-online lesson 34

-HW: Read 20-4 to 20-6, MP 20 #2


Tuesday, 9th

-classtime for MP 20 #2


Wednesday, 10th

-HW Quiz


Thursday, 11th

-review for TEST tomorrow


Friday, 12th

-TEST on chapters 19 & 20



"The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life."

-Ernest Renan



1 - 5 February 2010


There's a "Course Fair" this Thursday in prep for registration for next year (activities for seniors are TBD).


Monday, 1st

-HW QUIZ @ bell (from MP 19 #2)

-GIZMO: Pith Ball Lab

-Electric Field Game


Tuesday, 2nd

-lecture: Remember Ug and Us (gravitational and elastic potential energy)? Well, there's an electric version too, kinda...

-online lesson 32

-HW: Read 20-1 to 20-3, MP 20 #1 (due Thursday 1pm)


Wednesday, 3rd

-classtime for MP


Thursday, 4th

-"Course Fair" during periods 1-3; you'll go to your 4-6th hour classes like normal

-go to your 1st hour class at the normal time

-review of e-fields (when do those eq'ns work?)


Friday, 5th

-HW QUIZ @ bell

-AP practice problems (multiple choice this time) 



"If you are caught on a golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron."

-Lee Trevino



25 - 29 January 2010


Tabula Rasa!


Monday, 25th

-lecture: Intro to Electrostatics

-online lesson 30

-HW: Read 19-1 to 19-3, MP 19 #1 (due Thursday 1pm)


Tuesday, 26th

-LAB: Follow the Electrons


Wednesday, 27th

-lecture: Force fields (they're real, not just some sci-fi mumbo-jumbo)

-online lesson 31

-HW: Read 19-4 to 19-6, MP 19 #2 (due Sunday midnight)


Thursday, 28th


-classtime for MP


Friday, 29th

-AP practice problem

-Contracts due today (CR/NC and Academic)



"And now for something completely different..."

-Monty Python's Flying Circus (originally from "Blue Peter")



18 - 22 January 2010


One week left! Finish well! There's no school on Monday and Friday.


Monday, 18th



Tuesday, 19th

-review for 1st Semester Final Exam


Wednesday, 20th

-begin 1st Semester Final Exam (take-home)


Thursday, 21st

-finish 1st Semester Final Exam

-due at end of period, no exceptions


Friday, 22nd




"Well begun is half done."




11 - 15 January 2010


2 weeks left in the quarter! Finish well! Start preparing for the final exam (reread the book and your notes, make a rough draft of your notesheet, go over old test and quizzes to see if you can still answer the questions)


Monday, 11th

-lecture: Intro to waves, sound specifically 

-online lessons 43 (skip section 4) and 45 (just section 1 today)

-HW: Read 14-1 to 14-5 (skip 14-3), Mastering Physics 14 #1 (due by Wednesday, 1:00 pm)


Tuesday, 12th

-lecture: Interesting sound effects (Doppler effect, standing waves, superposition)

-online lesson 44 (skip section 4) and 45 (sections 2 & 3, skip section 4, only a qualitative understanding of the Doppler shift, not quantitative/mathematical, is req'd for the AP test)

-HW: Read 14-6 to 14-8, Mastering Physics 14 #2 (due by Sunday midnight)


Wednesday, 13th

-HW QUIZ (two problems from MP  14 #1)

-mini-LAB:  Estimating the speed of sound in natural gas (which is mostly methane)


Thursday, 14th

-example problem: interference from two speakers

-class time for MasteringPhysics


Friday, 15th

-HW QUIZ (two problems from MP 14 #2)

-class time for MasteringPhysics 



"The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself."

-Bertrand Russell



4 - 8 January 2010


There are just three weeks left in the quarter! The FINAL EXAM will be during the last week of the quarter; think of it as the big retake (if you pass the final, you will pass the quarter). The EXTRA CREDIT thing is this Thursday night and Sunday afternoon (see bulletin board for details).


Monday, 4th

-lecture: "Bouncy things"

-online lesson 16 (make sure you can follow the derivations, but focus on the application)

-HW: Read 13-1 to 13-3, MasteringPhysics "Chapter 13 #1" (due by Friday 4pm)


Tuesday, 5th

-Qs on HW?

-lecture: Mass&Spring

-online lessons 17 (skip section 5: Resonance) and 18 (skip section 4: Damped Oscillations)

-HW:  Read 13-4 to 13-6 (skip the 2nd half of 13-6, "the physical pendulum"), MasteringPhysics "Chapter 13 #2" (due by Friday 4pm)


Wednesday, 6th

-LAB: Clockmaking

-make both a pendulum and a mass&spring with a period of 1 sec


Thursday, 7th

-the EXTRA CREDIT thing is tonight at 7pm, Northrop Auditorium (where graduation is)

-Qs on HW?

-AP practice problem


Friday, 8th


-remaining classtime to finish HW 



"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man."

-Benjamin Franklin



14 - 18 December 2009


Monday, 14th

-Qs on HW?

-lecture: Earth Below Us (drifting, falling, floating weightless...)

-MP assignments due by Friday, 1pm


Tuesday, 15th

-GIZMO: Orbital Motion - Kepler's Laws (Percy version)


Wednesday, 16th

-Qs on HW?

-LAB: Kepler's Laws (due Friday)


Thursday, 17th

-AP practice problem: Robot probe on new uncharted planet


Friday, 18th

-HW Quiz

-classtime to finish Kepler's Law Lab



The Planets



7 - 11 December 2009


Parent-Teacher conferences are Thursday evening, 4-8pm, 10 December (10 pts extra credit for showing up with your parent/guardian). There's a TEST on Wednesday.


Monday, 7th

-review of "chapter 9 #2" and quiz

-start AP practice problem (due tomorrow)


Tuesday, 8th

-review for TEST


Wednesday, 9th

-TEST on chapters 8 & 9 (Potential energy, Conservation of Energy, Linear Momentum and Collisions)

-take-home (due Thursday beginning of class, no exceptions)


Thursday, 10th

-TEST due at beginning of class, no exceptions

-intro to Gravity (chapter 12), online video lesson 19 (just watch sections 1&2, find the typos!)

-review of scientific notation

-start work on "chapter 12 #1"

-Parent-Teacher conferences tonight from 4-8pm


Friday, 11th

-intro to Kepler's Laws, online video lesson 20 (just smile and nod at the derivations, focus on Kepler's Laws, potential energy and orbital velocity)

-continue work on "chapter 12 #1"



"All power corrupts, but we need the electricity."




30 Nov - 4 December 2009


Mid-quarter grades go in next Monday, 7 Dec. Parent-Teacher conferences are Thursday evening, 4-8pm, 10 December (10 pts extra credit for showing up with your parent/guardian)


Monday, 30th

-review HW Quiz from last week

-finish "Intro to Mastering Physics" (due tomorrow)


Tuesday, 1st

-brief lecture: momentum, impulse and collisions

-which hurts more, the happy ball or the emo ball?

-HW: MasteringPhysics assignment "Chapter 9 #1" (due tomorrow, I'm interested in surveys this time)


Wednesday, 2nd

-debrief of new online lessons

-brief lecture: Collisions and Conservation of Momentum

-online lessons 12 and 13

-HW: MasteringPhysics assignment "Chapter 9 #2" (due Friday, I'm still interested in surveys)


Thursday, 3rd

-GIZMO: Air Track


Friday, 4th

-QUIZ: Momentum

-AP Problem


"The world is wide, and I  will not waste my life in friction, when it could be turned into momentum."

-Frances Willard




23 - 27 November 2009


We have a short week. Enjoy the break; forget about school for a few days and get some real R&R.


Monday, 23rd

-AP Practice Problem: sliding block with a loop-de-loop!

-work on HW if you get done early


Tuesday, 24th

-go over Test, yesterday's AP Problem, and Qs on HW

-CORRECTED: intro to online textbook (access code: SSNAST-GIBLI-STEAK-NEMAN-ORACY-MILES)

                    Course ID: MPGRUL83368

-first online assignment


Wednesday, 25th

-HW check and HW QUIZ

-brief lecture: Momentum (p) and Impulse (J)

-you still have a chance to have some physics units named after you!

-why do airbags prevent injuries?


Thursday, 26th


-eat lots of food with family and friends


Friday, 27th



"There are three kinds of men. The one who learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves."

-Will Rogers




16 - 20 November 2009


Monday, 16th

-AP Problem due (we'll go over it in the 2nd half of class)

-class time for horsepower lab


Tuesday, 17th

-review for TEST

-topics: FBD, springs, friction, circular motion, work and power


Wednesday, 18th

-TEST: Chapters 6 & 7 (take home, due tomorrow @ 1:05pm, no exceptions)

-Horsepower lab due today


Thursday, 19th

-lecture: Another kind of energy and another kind of force

-Potential energy (I don't believe in it)

-Liberal Forces ;)

-online lesson 8

-HW: Read 8-1 to 8-4 P#7,11-23 odd, 27,29,31,35 (due Tuesday)


Friday, 20th

-lecture: Let's conserve energy (we actually don't have a choice)

-online lesson 9


"I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours."

-Jerome K. Jerome 




9 - 13 November 2009


Tabula Rasa! Contracts (CR/NC and "Academic") are due this Friday.


Monday, 9th

-debrief on lab reports (redoes due Friday)

-lecture: Work: A curse or part of the plan? What does work get you?

-online lesson 7

-HW: Read 7-1 to 7-2 P#1,5,9,15,17,19


Tuesday, 10th

-lecture: back to Springs

-HW: Read 7-3 P#21-31 odd


Wednesday, 11th


-lecture: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." -Lord Acton

-how fast can you get your work done?

-online lesson 10

-classwork: P#37,41


Thursday, 12th

-LAB: How many horses are you worth?


Friday, 13th (!!)

-HW check @ bell

-Contracts due today

-redone aircraft lab reports due today

-classwork: AP Practice problem



"One has to get on with life, and I haven't done badly. People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining."

-Stephen Hawking





2 - 6 November 2009


Last week of the quarter! Finish strong!


Monday, 2nd

-LAB: String Tension for Toy Airplane

-finish planning, start taking data


Tuesday, 3rd

-writing the formal lab report


Wednesday, 4th

-lab report due today

-time in class for finishing touches


Thursday, 5th

-lab report debrief

-AP practice problem (FBD and  Sum of Forces)


Friday, 6th




"This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

-Winston Churchill




26 - 30 October 2009


Two weeks left in the quarter! There's no Quarter Final; there's a semester final just like in college.


Monday, 26th 

-Thursday's HW checked

-LAB: Friction


Tuesday, 27th

-HW QUIZ (open textbook only, from Friday's HW)

-LAB continued...

-HW: Read 6-5 CQ#9,11 CE#14


Wednesday, 28th

-lecture: Circular Motion

-intro to Aircraft Lab (safety glasses must be worn)

-intro to formal lab report writing

-online lesson 14

-HW: reRead 6-5 P#43-51 odd and #44 (v=196 m/s)


Thursday, 29th

-continue Friction lab

-Aircraft Lab planning


Friday, 30th

-HW QUIZ: open notebook only (no textbook)

-finish Friction lab (due at end of period)

-rough draft of aircraft lab plan due at end of period



"Physics isn't a religion. If it were, we'd have a much easier time raising money."

-Leon Lederman



19 - 23 October 2009


Three weeks left in the quarter! There's a TEST on Wednesday.


Monday, 19th

-practice with Free Body diagrams

-AP practice problems due


Tuesday, 20th

-review for TEST


Wednesday, 21st

-TEST on chapters 4 & 5

-3" x 5" notecard and AP info and eq'n sheets


Thursday, 22nd

-lecture: Newton's nemesis -friction

-online lesson 6 (parts 1-3)

-HW: Read 6-1 to 6-3 P#1-12 odd ;)


Friday, 23rd

-lecture: Strings, springs and pulleys

-online lesson 6 (parts 4-6)

-HW: Read 6-2 to 6-5 P#19,21,29,31,37,39



"Science progresses best when observations force us to alter our preconceptions."

-Vera Rubin




12 - 16 October 2009


Looking ahead...the test on chaps 4&5 will be on next Tuesday, 20 Oct.


Monday, 12th

-AP practice problems (due tomorrow)

-worksheets from Wed due today


Tuesday, 13th

-problem solving practice

-going over packet

-hints on AP practice problems

-HW: Re-read chap 5, P#49,59 (due tomorrow as a HW Quiz)


Wednesday, 14th

-HW Quiz

-LAB: Newton's 1st Law (using air pucks and motion detectors)


Thursday, 15th



Friday, 16th



"The product of the human brain has escaped the control of human hands. This is the comedy of science."

-Karel Capek (co-inventor of the word 'robot')



5 - 9 October 2009 


There's a HW QUIZ on Wednesday. Also, the Extra Credit lecture is on Tuesday (see FrontPage for details). Thinking ahead...there will be a TEST on chapters 4 & 5 on Tuesday, 13 Oct.


Monday, 5th


-forces are vectors too

-what's the difference between mass and weight?

-the normal force (what everyone else is that you are not)

-HW: Read 5-5 to 5-7 P#19,21,23,37,39,41 (HW QUIZ on Wed)


Tuesday, 6th

-LAB: Newton's 2nd Law

-determine the mystery mass!


Wednesday, 7th

-HW QUIZ (on Monday's HW)

-problem solving practice

-worksheets passed out (due Friday)


Thursday, 8th

-GIZMO: Inclined Plane - Simple Machine


Friday, 9th

-VIDEO: "Einstein's Big Idea" 


"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."





28 September  - 2 October 2009 


Parent-Teacher Conferences are this Thursday evening (4-8pm) and Friday morning (8-noon). Show up with a parent or guardian for extra credit.


Monday, 28th

-review of Test and other returned work


Tuesday, 29th

-generic projectile motion

-HW: Read 4-4 to 4-6 P#23,25,27,39,41,45


Wednesday, 30th

-Bowman Tournament

-HW: Read 5-1 to 5-4


Thursday, 1st

-Newton's 3 Laws of Motion

-online lessons 3, 4, and 5

-HW: Read 5-5 to 5-7 P#3,5,7,9,13,17

-P-T conferences tonight from 4-8pm


Friday, 2nd


-P-T conferences this morning from 8-noon



"Not only is the Universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."

-Sir Arthur Eddington



21 - 25 September 2009


Happy Autumnal Equinox on Monday! Connections starts this Tuesday. Last I heard, you'll go to 1st hour like normal, find out which connections you're in, and then go there. There's a TEST on Wednesday.


Monday, 21st

-practice with real AP problems

-one-dimensional kinematics (the EMUAs)


Tuesday, 22nd

-review for TEST (Chapters 2 & 3)


Wednesday, 23rd

-TEST: Chapters 2 & 3


Thursday, 24th

-two-dimensional motion (still using EMUAs)

-projectile motion (throwing stuff!)

-HW: Read 4-1 to 4-3 P#1-11 odd


Friday, 25th

-GIZMO: Golf Range


"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern, but impossible to enslave."

-Baron Henry Peter Brougham



14 - 18 September 2009


Monday, 14th

-finish Gizmo (D-T and V-T graphs)

-finish motion detector mini-LAB


Tuesday, 15th

-mini-LAB: EMUA verification

-using Vernier motion detector again


Wednesday, 16th

-to point or not to point, that is the question (yeah, that probably sounds better in the original Klingon)

-breaking vectors apart into pieces (components)

-adding and subracting vectors

-HW: Read 3-1 to 3-3 P#1,3,13,15,17,19


Thursday, 17th

-HW: Read 3-4 to 3-5 P#21,25,31,33,35,37


Friday, 18th


-GIZMO: Vectors


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

-Albert Einstein



7 - 11 September 2009


Well, 1 week down, 35 to go! This week we'll start some real physics. There's a HW QUIZ on Friday


Monday, 7th


-Labor Day 


Tuesday, 8th 

-are you moving? if so, to where and how fast?

-distance vs. displacement

-average vs. instantaneous

HW: Read 2-1 to 2-4, P#3,5,9,13,29,35


Wednesday, 9th 

-GIZMO: Distance-Time and Velocity-Time graphs

HW: P# 21,23,33


Thursday, 10th

-the EMUAs

HW: Read 2-5 to 2-7, P#39,41,47,51,65,71


Friday, 11th

-mini-LAB: Intro to Motion Detector

-HW QUIZ on Wed's HW (P# 21,23,33)


"If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."

-Mario Andretti




31 August - 4 September 2009


Welcome back to Washburn! I hope you had a great summer; they're always too short, eh? Congrats to the class of 2010; make this your best year yet!


Monday, 31st

-last day to sleep in...



Tuesday, 1st

-go over syllabus

-take a physics pre-test (don't hate!)


Wednesday, 2nd

-go over safety

-check out textbooks

-discussion on "What is Science?" and "How does Science compare and contrast with Art and Religion?"


Thursday, 3rd

-units are your friends!

-to point or not to point

-HW: Read Chap 1 (skip 1-4), CQ# 1-5 odd, CE# 1-5 odd


Friday, 4th

-finish HW

-HW QUIZ: Chap 1 P#5,7,9


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